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Frequently Asked Questions

For English Text (Non-Unicode SMS)
1 SMS = 160 characters

For more than 1 length
N SMS = N x 153 characters

2 SMS = 306 characters
3 SMS = 459 characters
4 SMS = 612 characters
5 SMS = 765 characters
6 SMS = 918 characters

For Nepali Text (Unicode SMS)
1 SMS = 70 characters

For more than 1 length
N SMS = N x 67 characters

2 SMS = 134 characters
3 SMS = 201 characters
4 SMS = 268 characters
5 SMS = 335 characters
6 SMS = 402 characters

Note: If one character in SMS is unicode, whole SMS becomes unicode.Standard SMS

No, every SMS you send may not be delivered. We cannot guarantee the delivery of all SMS if there is problem in destination Numbers. Bharosa SMS is not liable if deduction of SMS credits due to problem in destination numbers (i.e. network out of reach, mobile switch off, problem in SMS incoming, unused sim card etc.).

No, the numbers will be kept secret. We will not share your submitted number to other third party companies or Bharosa SMS itself will not use the number. It is against our Terms and Conditions.

Bharosa SMS allows you to the sending of a large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients. Bharosa SMS will provide you with all dashboard where you can simply upload your contacts, draft your message and finally send or schedule your message.

Dynamic SMS is similar to bulk SMS, but unlike bulk SMS you can personalize every messages and send as many SMS at once. Example: (Dear Mr. ShivKumar, Thank you for using Bharosa SMS. / Dear Miss Kalpana, Please call  +977 9861601174 for further information.) Such messages can be sent at once via Dynamic SMS.

We offer one time SMS service to the clients who want the service for the short term. In this service, we send/push the message content of the client to the numbers provided by them. For this service, we charge a certain amount on the basis of message length and number of receivers. Generally, the SMS rates of one-time service are higher than another SMS service i.e. Rs. 1.3 +VAT.

No, we do not add any text to your messages.

Yes, you can export the message history from the panel account and see the delivery report.

The average time taken is less than a second! However sometimes congestion in networks may cause an unavoidable delay.

Yes, you can send SMS messages using Unicode for sending SMS in the Nepali Language.

No, we are open about all our charges. One credits equals one message and yearly panel fees are charged.

No, our system automatically deducts invalid and duplicate numbers so you will be only paying for valid mobile numbers.