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Bharosa SMS is dedicated to a customer-centric marketing approach that prioritizes seamless message delivery. Our reliable bulk messaging service ensures effective communication with your target audience. Simplify your message delivery process, effortlessly connect with customers, and confidently deliver your brand’s message. Trust Bharosa SMS for smooth message delivery.

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Experience the pinnacle of communication solutions with our unrivaled expertise, innovative technologies, and a customer-centric approach, ensuring seamless connectivity, enhanced engagement, and unmatched success for your business.


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Fast and Flexible Solutions

Our service connects people with flexible solutions they need when they need them, on a pay-as-you-go basis. We're here to help you save time and money on all your needs.

Local and Global Reach

We provide on-demand solutions that save you time and money. Our service connects people with flexible options for their needs.

Customer User Experience

CUX will revolutionize customer feedback with real-time monitoring and analytics, enhancing the way it is collected and analyzed.

BULK SMS Price Plan


Best for Small Campaigns

Rs 1.25 / SMS

  • Validity : Lifetime
  • Quantity : From 1,000 SMS
  • Upto : 3,000 SMS
  • 24/7 : yes
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Standard plan

Best for Moderate Campaigns

Rs 1.15 / SMS

  • Validity : Lifetime
  • Quantity : From 3,000 SMS
  • Upto : 10,000 SMS
  • 24/7 : yes
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enterprise plan

Best for Huge Campaigns

Rs 1.10 / SMS

  • Validity : Lifetime
  • Quantity : From 10,000 SMS
  • Upto : 10,00,00 SMS
  • 24/7 : yes
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Whar Our Clients Say


Sauraha Resort, Manager

Rupesh Chand

Their personalized approach, user-friendly platform, and high delivery rate have significantly improved our customer engagement. I highly recommend them to any business looking to enhance their marketing efforts. Thank you,Bharosa SMS, for your exceptional service!

Naulo Dental House, Admin Head

Nirajala Pathak

The services provided by them were beyond expectation. We are satisfied by their fast paced execution and professionalism. We would like to recommend them to all the SMS service users.

Cloud Edu. and Visa Services, CEO

Anish Gautam

We would like to recommend Bharosa SMS as they provide exponential services with 100% efficency as it has helped us to reach over 1000s of client and students with high conversion rate in affordable rates.

Loksewa Online Exam, Founder

Diwas Regmi

With their user-friendly platform, messages reached our exam takers promptly, ensuring a seamless experience. We highly recommend Bharosa SMS to all online exam institutions seeking reliable and efficient communication.


Vrit Tech, Business Dev. Manager

Sriya Basnet

Their platform is sleek, their delivery rate is impeccable. We highly recommend them to fellow tech companies seeking efficient communication. Thank you, Bharosa SMS , for your outstanding service!

Sagarmatha College, Co-ordinator

Nabin Tiwari

I am delighted to share my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional bulk SMS service provided by Bharosa SMS, as a college coordinator, effective communication with students and parents is crucial, and Bharosa SMS has truly exceeded our expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our system 1 credit = 1 SMS
Length of SMS depends upon Nepali( Unicode) and English Language
For English : 160 characters = 1 SMS
For Nepali(Unicode): 65 characters = 1 SMS

No, every SMS you send may not be delivered. We cannot guarantee the delivery of all SMS if there is problem in destination Numbers. Bharosa SMS is not liable if deduction of SMS credits due to problem in destination numbers (i.e. network out of reach, mobile switch off, problem in SMS incoming, unused sim card etc.).

No, the numbers will be kept secret. We will not share your submitted number to other third-party companies or Bharosa SMS itself will not use the number. It is against our Terms and Conditions